The Pink House Goes to Washington!

Folks may or may not know that the Supreme Court is hearing a very important case impacting abortion access on March 2, 2016.
The issues in this case directly affect the people of Mississippi and the outcome could mean the difference between staying open and shutting down.

So what are we gonna do about it?

Jackson Women’s Health is gonna stand up and represent outside the United States Supreme Court house on March 2!

That’s right.  The Pink House is heading to the Court House to make our voices heard!

Know someone who’s gonna be there too?
Wanna stand with us??
Send us a message on our Facebook page and we will keep an eye out for you!


84 thoughts on “The Pink House Goes to Washington!

  1. Thank you for doing what you do.

    I live in Missouri, but I fully support your standing up and working hard for women’s reproductive rights.

    Keep being awesome.

  2. Thank you for all that you do to protect women. You have supportive sisters around the globe.

  3. Hang in there, warriors of Jackson Women’s Health Organization! You are an amazing group of people and you inspire those of us who provide reproductive health care in less restrictive parts of the country. Sending you lots of love, support, and solidarity from Maryland… THIS CLINIC STAYS OPEN!

  4. This country stands on the shoulders of people like you. Thank you all for your hard work, your sacrifice of personal safety, and you unwavering (or even wavering!!) commitment to women’s and therefore all Mississippian’s health.

  5. Your bravery is inspiring and brings me to tears. I am so thankful that all of you on staff have made the sacrifices necessary to continue to do this important work. You are not alone in this fight! WE LOVE YOU!!!

  6. I think you are amazing. You have motivated me to find a way to help as well. This is too important a fight to leave to someone else. Fortunately my state is more enlightened than Mississippi. What will the women of Mississippi do if they have no one to turn to?You brave, wonderful people have my respect and my thanks.

  7. I’m not able to contribute financially, but I want to help. Do you need any physical help either in the office or otherwise?


  9. I just read the “Abortion Ministry of Dr. Willie Parker” on Esquire and it was so beautiful, heartbreaking and inspiring. I had my abortion when I was 22, recently graduated from college and a few weeks into my very first job. Thank you for all that you do. Keep up the good fight Mississippi!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for a good outcome in the coming weeks.

  10. Reading about your work in ‘Esquire’ I was impressed by the courage and principled stand of the JWHO team. And I was overwhelmed by the compassion and love you show your patients. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is heartening to know people like you are out there.

    I hope the 5th circuit will rule wisely. I will check back and try to provide financial support if you are able to stay open. My thoughts are with you, your patients, and your community.

  11. Thank you Dr Parker; thank you Ms Derzis; thank you to all of the brave men and women there who are doing the hard thing, the necessary thing, and the RIGHT thing.

    Never, ever let anyone tell you that you’re not doing the right thing; for all the lives you save, all the pain you take away, and for all of your courage; THANK YOU.

  12. To the Brave Doctors and Staff of JWHO,

    I just read the Esquire article about Dr. Parker. I know that abortion rights are being lost across the country, but this article was horrifying in detailing the lengths to which women are being made to suffer.

    Please stay strong, keep up the much-needed work, and be safe. I *will* be following up with a donation.

    With admiration for your courage,
    Val (in the still-free State of California)

  13. To all the staff at the clinic,
    You are brave
    You are special
    You are needed
    You are kind
    You are inspirational
    You are HELPING!
    Thank you for all of the work you do to help women in their time of need.

  14. Just read the Esquire profile and came here to make a donation. You’re good people, brave and kind.

  15. I am a physician and abortion provider in Utah. Keep fighting the good fight! You’re not alone.

  16. Thanks for all you’re doing. I hope you are able to continue providing services. You are a godsend for Mississippi’s women. God bless you.

  17. I grew up in Mississippi. I had an abortion in 1974. I had to go to Alabama to get it. I’m sorry, but the depth of hatred and ignorance in my home state means I will never live there again. Thank you for what you do to help those who need your services.

  18. Stay strong! I read about your work in Esquire, and I am blown away. Completely humbled, and impressed. There’s nothing I can say that will validate the important work you all do, but I wanted to share my support. Thank you for caring for women when others would not, and treating them with kindness and respect.

  19. Blessings upon you all for the amazing work that you do. It is important to stand in the breach and hold the door for women’s right to choose to bring a life into manifestation, or not. I will be donating.

  20. I’m sorry I cannot contribute money at this time but I want to add my voice of support to the all the clinic staff. You do your work and practice medicine out of a conviction of freedom for women. This makes you genuine freedom fighters . Thank you very much ! May you be well and safe and when you put your head down at days end know you have done a righteous days work.

  21. Thank you for the work you are doing! This is the most important woman’s rights issue we face. Access to reproductive services determines the outcome of a woman’s entire life (mine included!), and decides if we’re going to be healthy, happy and productive citizens, mothers or not. It decides if the children we’re not ready for are going experience life as unsafe and stressful or, when we are ready, nurturing and hopeful.

  22. Thank you for the work you are doing on behalf of justice – and kindness. Thank you. I stand with you.

  23. I wasn’t able to get an abortion in 1967 in New York and in hind site I’m glad I didn’t get one. The back room butchers were available in some areas. I have friends who went that route and some of them became barren as a result. I did put my son up for adoption he and I were blessed that the couple wanted another bi-racial child in their home. However I do defend a woman’s right to make her own decision when pregnant and faced with that difficult choice. I am so very touched by all the hard work done by Dr. Parker and the people who are the support staff. I wish I could be there in person to assist in any way. Thank you so much for all the people that you help.

  24. This will NOT stop abortion; only stop safe abortion. Mississippi I learned to spell you long ago; now I spell you as you should be “embarrassed” .

  25. I just read the Esquire article and was moved to tears by the strength, courage, and general awesomeness of the staff at The Pink House. I was raised in an environment much like MS, and Dr Parker’s words about female sexuality struck a chord with me. I admire and applaud the work you do and the manner in which you do it. Keep fighting the good fight. You’ll be in my thoughts daily.

  26. So very proud of all you’re doing to save the clinic. I believe in in women and our rights and freedom. My heart and thoughts are always with you.

  27. We need to help these people with this if we put our self in there place and we needed this done cause you were raped or some things like that you wouldn’t want them to tell you can’t get this done

  28. Thank you for standing up for women during a time and in a place where that is a increasingly unpopular position. I read about The Pink House in the recently published Esquire piece about Dr. Parker and I am so grateful for the staff and volunteers of The Pink House for bravely standing up for what is right – helping women when they are desperately in need. Your compassion, dedication, thoughtfulness and determination are absolutely inspiring.

  29. I am writing in support to keep Jackson Women’s Health Organization clinic open. I am a Mississippian, born and raised, though I do not live there now. Governor Bryant is putting not only his own constituents at grave risk, but others who come to this clinic in hopes of ending a pregnancy that is not wanted, an accident, the result of a crime, that can lead to a child being neglected, mental health issues for the mothers, financial and emotional hardships, and being ostracized by your own family. The protestors make an already difficult and agonizing decision even worse and I can honestly say that their behavior sometimes gives these young women the strength to know they are doing the right thing. The exact opposite of what the protestors want to accomplish.
    Women and yes, some girls, need the ability to end a pregnancy without further restriction. The hospitals that choose NOT to grant clinics and doctors privileges are not following the hippocratic oath taken by the very medical staff they employ. They do not deserve to be operating if they are going to refuse privileges to doctors that are working to help women in dire straits and/or with medical conditions that could put them and any fetus in danger; thus, lowering the level of poverty, child abuse and neglect.
    I support this clinic and the physicians and staff that work hard to keep going every day in spite of those hateful and judgmental people that say they are protesting as “good” Christians.
    The people that operate this clinic are obviously caring, compassionate and show great concern for their patients. If only every doctor gave his/her patients the time that Dr. Parker does!!!
    Please keep this clinic open and do not impose any other unnecessary restrictions on them!!!

  30. So proud of all of you for standing tall for women. It brings me tears of relief and joy to hear of your kindness and compassion.

  31. Hey just letting you know you aren’t alone when it comes to your support. This whole situation sucks, but hopefully the courts will do what’s right and let you remain open. Keep fighting for women’s health and the right for women to choose!

  32. After reading the article of the abortion ministry of Dr. Willie Parker, I feel so much gratitude toward the brave staff, doctors and women of this clinic. Honestly, you shouldn’t have to feel brave because this is for the health of a women and her choices. Being brave means to be confronted with opposing beliefs, to an extreme measure, and I wish this was not the case in Mississippi because when a women knows what is good for herself, she should have the comfort and ability to act upon those decisions. Unfortunately, the political environment in Mississippi is enveloped with ways of thinking that put upon oppression on these women. These women especially are not truly free, and it makes me enraged. I am 17 years old, residing just outside Washington DC and I wish to help in any way I can to keep this clinic running. Dr. Willie Parker has become an inspiration to me with his beliefs and need for basically women’s freedom. Although I am not religious, I will have these clinics in my thoughts and hopes for a better outlook in the future. To any spirit or gods of higher power in this universe, please help keep this clinic and it’s people in good hands.

  33. Hi, I believe in a women’s right to make decisions about her own body. I admire and respect you for the hard work you do, and I sincerely hope you can keep doing it. No women would take this decision lightly; it is a hard decision but it may be the right one for her. Good for you and keep up the good work. Don’t let politicians and religious fanatics make decisions about things that shouldn’t concern them.

  34. I have never had an abortion. I think what is done by these people is so brave. Keep your head up.

  35. Long live the Pink House!! I just made a donation — a small one, but I hope every little bit helps. I can’t express the rage I felt reading that Gov. Bryant explicitly stated he wants to “make Mississippi abortion-free.” What a misguided approach to protecting the women — and children! — of Mississippi. Please, please, keep doing what you are doing, healing the lives of women from all over the state. You are a beacon in the darkness for all of them.

  36. Please keep up the good work, keep your spirits up, knowing that you are truly helping people. Every woman should have the right to make her own choices regarding what is best for her health, reproduction, body and should continue to have access to a safe place to help make those choices possible!

  37. What you are doing is so, so important. It is helping women in their time of need. It is saving women’s lives. Thank you.

  38. Keep up the fight. Do not lose hope. You are helping women, and when you help women, you help everyone, men, women and children. Stand strong!

  39. The Talmud says, “God is urgent about justice, for upon justice the world depends.” You are doing the work of justice where it is urgently needed; you are doing God’s work. I hope that in the future the people who persecute you and the women you help will learn better.

  40. Thank you for standing up for these women. I’m in Chicago, and I know that even in a “progressive thinking” big city, we can never take these rights for granted.

  41. Thank you for being all that you are for so many women, for comforting them, supporting their decisions, and providing safe and legal care that they deserve. YOU are faith in action. The recent article about your doctor has had a huge impact on my beliefs on this issue (that were already pro-choice), which I did not think could be stronger. Thank you!

  42. I read the story about Dr. Parker and the clinic on Facebook. You are fine, brave people doing very important work and I thank you. As an older woman who had two abortions in my younger days, and went on to raise a happy family when I was in a position to support children, I thank you. I am pleased to send a contribution to help with your important work.

  43. I just read the article on Dr. Parker. NC is having some of the same struggles right now, and this just rooted more firmly in my own mind that women’s health care is complicated. Having babies is even more complicated. I have always said I never want an unwanted child to be born, and stand by this. Thank you for your work. Thank you for saving lives. Thank you for helping to protect women who are already living, breathing, continue their lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Katherine Robbins

  44. Keep fighting the good fight! Thank you for doing what you to to help women of Mississippi in their time of need, and thank you for what you represent to women everywhere, who should have the right to make decisions about their own bodies.

  45. Dear Dr Parker:

    I am writing to you from Vancouver, in Canada, where abortion is free and available on demand. I’m sick and teary about the persecution in Mississipi, Texas, other states, other countries, and the women who suffer from it. I wish I could help, with money or as an escort, or whatever, but I’m sad that I can’t. All I can do is send an email of support and respect and admiration for your commitment and courage. Thank you for what you are doing. The words are too small to convey my feelings properly, but thank you so much. Thank you for helping these women.

    Respectfully and sincerely,

    Sheila Schierbeck

  46. Dr. Parker and staff,

    I recently read the Esquire piece that details your courage and commitment to supporting women in Mississippi and beyond. It made me weep. I have tears in my eyes as I write this, thinking about each of you and the incredible courage, compassion, and empathy that you demonstrate amid a context that is challenging and, to be sure, sometimes threatening.

    I served in the Peace Corps in West Africa and a large part of my work with girls in my community focused on empowerment, including reproductive health education. Now I live in Washington, DC and work on policy issues around global gender-based violence. My job focuses on trying to convince Members of Congress that we need to do more for women and girls at home and abroad. We spend a lot of time talking–about policies, politics, budgets, and hypotheticals, but the heart of the matter lies beyond all that, with people like you, who work tirelessly to support women facing challenging situations and difficult decisions. I am awed by what you do; you give me hope.

    All this to say, thank you. Thank you for your courage of conviction and your bravery. Thank you for not giving up despite the profound challenges you face. Thank you for sharing your stories and thank you for doing what few people are strong enough to do.

    In solidarity and with appreciation,

    Chrissy Hart

  47. Hang in there – you are not along. We thank you for your service to these women. Your work is so important and you are all incredibly brave.
    Thank you.

  48. You all are an inspiration! I read about your clinic in Esquire and was moved by the powerful story of the Dr. Parker and the Pink House. As a medical student, these stories as well as the current influence politics and religion have in regulating (and constricting) women’s reproductive freedom, serve as motivation for a career in Ob-Gyn and women’s health. Keep on fighting!

  49. Just read the article on Esquire about your clinic and the work of Dr. Willie Parker. I grew up in the South, and miss many things – but I don’t miss the belligerent policing of other people’s choices that’s so common there. I’ve been through a picket line myself.

    Thank you for the incredible work you are all doing; you bring hope, and strength, and life to so many people. I hope there’s still someone with some sense left in the legislature to allow you to carry on. My thoughts are with you.

  50. Thank you Dr Parker and everyone there who works so bravely and selflessly to help women maintain control of their own bodies. I am almost 60 and had an abortion at 21. I am so grateful that it was legal, in my own town, affordable and provided by a medical professional. I used birth control but still got pregnant. It happens.
    No one wants to have an abortion. No one makes the decision easily. Every woman knows it’s ending a potential life. But sometimes it is the most responsible choice.
    In my 30’s I gave birth to two sons. When I was ready to be a good mother.
    Hard to understand how people can think an unwanted child is ever a good thing.

  51. I just read the Esquire article. What a great piece of journalism. My deepest admiration to Dr. Parker and his service to the women of the south he treats, and the escorts and workers at these clinics. Please don’t give up. You are providing vital services in a time of real concern about women’s ability to control their own reproductive health and choices. I am truly concerned about the world my daughter will inherit regarding the issue of her own reproductive choices and control. Keep fighting the good fight.

  52. I want to let you know that you have people standing with you even from afar. You are doing something that is difficult, but enormously important, and I hope that you find justice in the courts.

    Be well, and keep fighting the good fight.

    Lauren C.

  53. Just heard a profile with the good doctor on NPR this afternoon and now read the Esquire piece. I am a pro-choice, Republican Catholic. God bless the clinic and all of its staff and supporters for your bravery and for preserving the safety and freedom of families.

  54. I read about you guys in Esquire and I want to thank Dr . Parker for the work he’s doing, and all the staff and volunteers of the Pink House. You all mean the world to women and their freedoms. Thank you.

  55. Thank you for doing what you are doing. People like you and the services and support that you provide are a true blessing.

    Wishing you love and blessings and safety and strength.


  56. I’m from New York State, and I’ve grown up with the notion that I will always have abortion as an option. It’s recently hit me hard how few women have that comfort, and they all should. All women should have access to safe, affordable, non-judgmental medical care and sole jurisdiction over when or if they want to give birth or become a mother. I salute you and all that you do, and sincerely pray for a day when all states in this country will have so many amazing abortion clinics it will be hard to choose which one to use.

  57. Your support is usefull for women’s health. That prevent women in missisipi to access ilegal abortion procedure. Thanks.
    In Jakarta, you can visit Tempat Aborsi to access safe abortion procedure.

  58. I just saw Dr Parker on The Daily Show. Bravo!!!! You so eloquently stated my thoughts and views on abortion. For years I have referred to the “pro-life” movement as “anti-choice”. I consider myself pro-life but believe in a woman’s right to choose. That has confused people for years. After hearing Dr Parker, I will be able to express myself better. Keep up the fight as we all will be doing in our communities. Thanks for all you do.

  59. Abortion is a right every woman is entitled to.
    The state is not going to help u raise your child. Ask the women outside if u can come live with them cause your Mama done throw u out. You can bet then they will tell u to have an abortion. Jesus never judged people. Do not judge lest u be judged. Maybe those people outside the abortion clinic will raise your child. Did u ask them that? People who judge should maybe be raising the babies and then maybe they would shut their mouths.
    Every women has different circumstances, health reasons. When u can’t feed them r they going to bring u food, give u shelter, help u raise these kids. You can bet their bottom dollar that isn’t going to happen. People r great talkers but not great doers. I pray that your clinic stays open. Tell those creeps put your money where your mouth is then we will talk.

  60. Just take a contract with u and ask those outside the clinic to sign on the dotted line saying they will help u support that child. See how fast those bunch of crazies run for the hills. That’s what l would do. Sign my contract saying u will help support them see how fast they run.

  61. I just wanted to let everyone know at your clinic to keep up the amazing work you do. I work in health care, in labour and delivery actually… And woman should be allowed to choose what happens to and within her body. When we loose that choice babies can become objects that are discarded, born addicted to drugs, born unloved. I see it all the time. For all those protesters outside your clinic spend a day with me and birthing one of those babies and I am sure I could change your minds. I also live in Canada so our health care struggles are quite different, which is why after watching the Jackson documentary tonight I wanted to let you know that your hard work, bravery, and courage for going into your job’s every day does not go unnoticed. Keep fighting this difficult fight, woman around the world thank you!

  62. Y’all were so sweet to me. So funny. The man at the front door said, “Look at that! Looks like you brought the sunshine with you today!” on the day of my abortion. Made an effort to keep the mood light and I needed it. This was after someone showed me a rubber of an embryo in their hand.
    I was raped and had to come in for an abortion. Y’all played one of my favorite movies, Devil Wears Prada, and it distracted me from my situation. The women in there are such blessings. Such blessings. I’m in college and having a kid was not an option. You saved my life. You saved me. Thank you.
    I don’t have a lot of money but I do want to donate a DVD sometime soon. I have so much love for y’all. God bless you all.

  63. Thank you for fighting the good fight. You make me proud to live in this country of the free.

  64. I came across the documentary “Jackson” today and had to reach out. I had no idea of the situation in your state. If you haven’t watch the documentary did and spread the word. It is horrifying what is going on legislatively and how, in misguided application of religion, love and caring, it is hurting your community. I will be thinking of you all, and staying in tune to help however I can. Even though in in Missouri, thank you for your strong heart, mind and spirit.

  65. I came across the documentary “Jackson” today and had to reach out. I had no idea of the situation in your state. If you haven’t watched the documentary, do and spread the word. It is horrifying how what is going on legislatively and how, in misguided application of religion, love or caring, is hurting your community. I will be thinking of you all, and staying in tune to help however I can. Even though in in Missouri, thank you for your strong heart, mind and spirit.

  66. I am proud to support my home state from afar! Please keep up the good fight and thank you to the staff and volunteers that work tirelessly for Women’s Rights.

  67. I am a 43 year old man from Bristol, England. I have just listened to the Greg Proops podcast and think what you are doing is amazing. Keep going.

  68. THANK YOU ANGELS!! I came in at age 18 and had just Graduated from high school with HONORS and earned a FULL Scholarship to College. I also had been THAT MONTH to get birth control from My OBGYN. I found out I was pregnant, by a guy who in the next two years got two more girls pregnant, and YOU GUYS WERE MY SAVING GRACE!! I AM STILL THANKFUL TODAY!!!

  69. I just watched “Jackson” on Showtime and wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for your continued perseverance in fighting for women’s rights. Your staff are amazing and please keep up the good work that you do!

  70. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had an abortion 33 years ago. Despite ‘research’ to the contrary, I have never once regretted my decision or felt guilty. But 33 years later, I still remember being taunted and threatened with violence on my way into the clinic. Even at the age of 17, I pittied their bigoted ignorance and disrespect for me as a human being. I was a cause for them; not a person. A bit shaken, I entered the clinic and found an oasis of compassion and unbiased support. I didn’t need it for validation of my choice but rather for the reassurance that I was not alone in my belief system.
    Unlike the opposition’s propaganda, since then I have earned a graduate degree in social services from an Ivy League school, been married to the father of the not-born child for 28 years and had two wonderful daughters with him.
    The primary tenet of my career was self-determination. It has been my joy to teach that principle to my children and to be a model for those around me. In my work, I saw people at their very best and their very worst and thereby learned a great deal about the human condition. By your work, carried out with such dignity and dedication, you exemplify the most central element of all the best qualities in human nature. Compassion. Again, I thank you.

  71. I’ve also just seen Jackson, the documentary and was blown away by the story. I’m not sure I knew about the struggle. I followed the Texas effort to shut down clinics, this is an issue I can relate to, I needed to have two abortions decades ago. Regret and sadness are ever present, I never got a chance to have children when it was “time” but I wasn’t yet 20, coping with an abusive living environment I couldn’t escape. My only advantage was living in NYC where I had access to services that helped me.

    Every one of you at The Pink House are heroes, assisting women who are often quite vulnerable (if they weren’t they became that way from the taunting outside!) and coping with the every day battles keeping this clinic open, a monumental undertaking.

    My heart breaks for the women of Mississippi. If young girls/any woman need or want to decide how/when they have a child, there should ALWAYS be a place for them to safely have their constitutional, physical choices met by a licensed medical professional. This is the law of the land which no one, least of all a bunch of old, hypocritical white men ought to have any voice in controlling what choices a woman makes over her physical needs and abilities. The irony? It is without question that these very “god fearing” men in various political offices (some, not all) have probably caused the need for such services to be required by countless women to seek out.

    Most irresponsible and negligent are those Crisis centers that seem responsible for all too many children being born into situations in which they cannot be properly supported financially let alone raised in an appropriate psychological and social environment! As in my own situation, had I given birth to those two babies, we three would have met tragic outcomes fulfilling every imaginable stereotype except one: I am white. Every other thing about my life matches the disaster that too many of these kids have been through who end up too young and with small children who then inevitably repeat the cycle because Crisis centers tell them killing their babies isn’t what Jesus wants? Sorry, nothing against religion or Jesus or anyone but nothing except intense therapy and major changes happening improves the lives these kids and their babies. It doesn’t seem like Crisis center is doing that. Teaching abstinence? These kinds think sex = love and don’t understand what love is because they’ve never had it. The government should shut down Crisis centers as a disaster area.

    What do we do to help from other states since we can’t help locally? Additional challenges will come again for this because this unimaginable president will continue to try and please “his base” of people, the type who are into this sort of maniacal way of thinking. If you share ways in which you can use help, I’ll do what I can. My jaw about dropped when I saw the last frame of the documentary which said April was pregnant with twins. How often is Barbara going to stop by now with supplies? Do those 7 kids even have the chance they deserve? April didn’t get her chance though she was trying to get her GED & work nights at Walmart. Crisis center obliterated that with their no birth control stance.

    Please keep on with your amazing work and if we can help somehow, let us know. The women of Mississippi are in my heart.

  72. Thank you – you are all wonderful, amazing human beings, and the help you provide to those in need, with no where else to turn, is admirable. Keep it up, best wishes,

  73. We love what you’re doing. We live in NM and are visiting SC on a road trip. When we return to NM we will come by The Pink House and make a donation.
    What is your address? I understand your discretion with all the loonies out there.
    My wife is Sandra Jackson and we live in Santa Fe. NM. Both supporters of PP.

  74. i noticed in the piece by the BBC that almost all the protestors were men.
    Well as an englishman i want to register my support for what you are doing.
    keep up the good work for freedom of choice

  75. all great feedback, because its right to have a choice, because its YOURS. my only question is why do all those protestors dedicate their time and lifes trying to dictate others.

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