October 7, 2011

Dear Friends,

This is an URGENT MESSAGE FROM MISSISSIPPI!!!! I am writing to you from the true FRONTLINES of the ABORTION BATTLE!!! Jackson Women's Health Organization is the last and only refuge for Mississippi Women seeking abortion. After the tragic loss of Susan Hill, we scrambled to ensure that the work of this facility did not lapse. I want to thank you for all your support over the last several years in protecting Jackson Women's Health Organization. Mississippi Legislators and anti choice zealots continue every year with their assaults on reproductive healthcare making MS abortion laws the most restrictive in the land. AND…We are still standing STRONG! However, on November 8th, the MS ballot will include the Personhood Amendment which will end abortion in MS and will more than likely take Roe-v-Wade to the Supreme Court. WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN! And neither can you…

The extremist group – Personhood USA - openly states on their website that "personhood" is the key to overturning Roe V. Wade. On the front page of their website they brag that they have petitions for similar amendments in ALL 50 STATES!

MS Amendment #26 actually states that a zygote is a person even before it attaches to the uterus! If passed, Personhood Amendment #26 will not only ban abortion BUT ALSO ban most (if not all) forms of birth control, end in-vitro fertilization, and make stem cell research illegal. In addition, women who miscarry will be subject to criminal investigation!
If you are thinking to yourself that this amendment is too radical to pass, think again. The original petition to place this on the ballot had 30,000 MORE SIGNATURES than necessary. The Democratic candidate for Governor openly supports this amendment as does the current Attorney General, ALSO A DEMOCRAT!

Jackson Women's Health Organization is working with grassroots women and men throughout the state to defeat this measure. Although Planned Parenthood offers some family planning services in Mississippi, they do not offer abortion services and therefore do not endure the harassment our doctors, staff, and patients deal with daily.
We are the only ones left in the fight and on the ground!

We are creating home-made signs and leaflets to distribute everywhere/ anywhere we go. Mississippi Pro-Choice Activists are popping up in towns across the state and asking for resources to spread the word on this dangerous Amendment. We have never seen anything like it before! We need your help! We must expand our outreach immediately to radio, billboards, and TV. Please send a donation to support this "on the ground" movement to protect the rights of Mississippi Women. We must thwart this MIS-INFORMATION campaign that Personhood USA is spreading and educate our voters about the dangers of Amendment #26!

We ask you to put your money where the real battle is being fought...not in a corporate board room, but in the halls of the clinics and the houses of the organizers who are volunteering their time and efforts. We don't have time for polling or committee or subcommittee meetings with less than a month left before the vote.

http://www.WakeUpMississippi.org/ is already on the ground running. We don't have the luxury of a built in donor list and the name recognition of the abortion corporations. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. Please put your money where it will do the most good: on the front lines in Mississippi.

Please support this organic movement and show that America cares about Mississippi Women and their Families! Your response is required immediately!

Diane Derzis

Owner and Reproductive Freedom Fighter
Jackson Women's Health Organization
Jackson, MS

PS Please send whatever you can NOW to stop Amendment #26 in Mississippi!
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